What makes a good pastor’s wife?

Hey there, my name is Kristy.

Stats tell us that only 4% of pastor’s wives feel confident + fulfilled in their roles. That suggests that 96% of ministry wives are still trying to figure this thing out.

Bottom line: It’s so much more simple than you might think!

I believe that when you live well + know who God created you to be, you’ll be more than just a good pastor’s wife… you’ll be amazing.

Good Pastor's Wife

I’m a fourth-generation pastor’s wife + I’m right there with you. But I have figured one thing out:

Being a pastor’s wife is never about being “good enough.”

And it’s never about performance.

Not convinced yet?

Hang tight… we’ve just begun. READ MORE.

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Effective leadership requires influence + that requires growth. Growth mindset is a common topic you’ll read about here at GPW.


Vocational ministry comes with unique challenges + rewards. This site explores the dynamics pastor’s wives face in ministry, family life + raising PKs.


Learn how to embrace self-care, deal with loneliness + thrive in your personal life.

Readers Write

Thank you for the time you invest in Christian women’s lives.

– Aimee

Thank you for your vulnerability and openness. It is so refreshing.

– Lisa

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Kristy Lynn @ Good Pastor's Wife blog

I’m a daughter of God. Wife to Jeremy + Mom to five amazing kids: 2 teen girls, 1 teen boy + 2 younger boys.

I’m a writer.

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  • I’m an INTJ female
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